Check your play.

After completing the data transfer and filling out a few settings, 

check your data analyzed by SOCCERBEE machine learning algorithm.

Refer to [Help]

to enter a background photo of the analysis card 

and game information.

After entering game information and a short memo, 

press the [Register] button to complete your analysis card. 

*Session : The number of game sessions is divided by breaks. 

(ex. If the game consists of a first and second half, it is 2 sessions) 

Find out my game activity level with a variety of 

physical indicators 

analyzed by big data-based machine learning algorithms. 

*Rating : Extracted the score out of 10 using SOCCERBEE algorithms of expected movement according to each position and required amount of activity plus attack and defense ratio and more.

Check out players who played in the same area 

and give praises and likes. 

We warmly welcome you to our SOCCERBEE data community.

To view my analysis card, click the analysis icon 

at the bottom of the home screen. 

Now it is your time to create our own unique football 

data portfolio with SOCCERBEE!

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Analyze my football data 

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