Sending BEE data

Please send the data to your smartphone

after the game and before leaving the pitch. 

All the data will be transferred within 2 minutes.

After the game, separate BEE from the vest.

*Since it is an electronic device, leaving it in the wet condition for a long period of time will cause internal damage. 

*For those wanting to use BEE for as long as it can, please use a SOCCERBEE waterproof bag.

Check the Bluetooth setting on your smartphone, 

separate the BEE from the vest and place it close to your smartphone. 

Click the honeycomb button located at the bottom 

of the app.

Patiently wait until SOCCERBEE finds and connects BEE. 

Once the BEE is successfully connected, 

data that has been recorded will appear on the data list.

If you press [Back to home] during the data transfer, 

data transfer will be stopped and data will remain 

on the BEE. 

Please wait until the progress rate reaches 100% to complete the data transfer.

After the data transfer is over, 

BEE automatically shuts down and moves 

to the analysis page.

Do you still need more help?

If you are still confused about anything,

feel free to contact our SOCCERBEE customer center.

Check your play.

Once the data transfer is completed,

you must fill in a few settings. 

SOCCERBEE machine learning algorithm will then automatically analyzes the data.