Play with BEE

Don't forget to take your BEE and SOCCERBEE vest to the game. 

Simply turn on the BEE, put it in the vest, and play. 

*Prior to playing, please register BEE to your SOCCERBEE app.

*SOCCERBEE Vest is packed and placed at the bottom of the package.

Take your BEE and the vest to the game.

After BEE is on, make sure the blue LED blinks.

*SOCCERBEE does not provide live data, 

therefore,when you play, you don't need to connect BEE to the SOCCERBEE app.

If the blue LED of BEE changes to green, 

BEE is ready to record your movements. 

*It usually takes about 1~5 minutes to receive the GPS signal. 

*Depending on weather and stadium conditions it may take up to 10 minutes or longer to connect. 

*Since it uses satellite signals to track movements, there are restrictions to the use indoors where it is hard to receive GPS signals.

Make sure to place BEE correctly inside the vest,

when you do play football.

Do you still need more help?

If you are still confused about anything,

feel free to contact our SOCCERBEE customer center.

Sending BEE data

Data will be transferred to your smartphone just before you change your cleats.