Register BEE to the account

Register BEE (GPS tracker) to SOCCERBEE app for the first time

and start using your device after completing a few simple settings. 

If you are new, please follow the below steps

to register BEE to SOCCERBEE app.

To turn on,

press the BEE's power button for 2 seconds.

Check the blutooth setting of your smarpho

then launch the SOCCERBEE app.

Click honeycomb icon at the bottom of the app.

Follow the instruction appear on the app screen.

Keep your BEE close to your smartphone.

If it is successfully connected, 

please match the serial number that appears on the screen with the tracker itself. 

If they match, press the [Register] button to complete.

Now, you have successfully registered your BEE 

to your account. 

Registered BEE information can be found 

at the bottom of My Page.

Do you still need more help?

If you are still confused about anything,

feel free to contact our SOCCERBEE customer center.

Play with BEE

Turn on the BEE before game and play.