SOCCERBEE service utilizes Google Maps to provide satellite maps, 

Google Map has a published update cycle that varies from 1 to 3 years depending on the region. 

If Google Maps hasn't been updated, or if the football field is newly built, it may not appear on the satellite map.

SOCCERBEEE is an analytics solution that determines football skills based on football activity, 

To avoid confusion, SOCCERBEEE does not provide a separate activity analysis for Goalkeeper where it is difficult to determine the competency of the position based on the amount of field activity. 

Thus, if you played two sessions as a GK in a four-session match, you can select the two session's positions as NN. 

The data from the NN game will not be reflected in your overall data.

All movements on and off the field are recorded from the moment the BEE picks up the GPS signal (green light) until it transfers data.

If you turned on your device at home, or if you walked around the stadium with your BEE in your vest before the game or during a break,

in the Select Analysis Area section, the green dots are spotted sometimes off the field or in the wrong place.

To ensure a more accurate recording, please do the followings.

1. Turn on your device after you arrive at the field.

2. Put it in your vest just before playing the game.

3. If you have to leave the stadium during a break, remove the tracker from your vest and leave it near the field.

4. After the match, transfer the data to your smartphone before leaving the field.

1. Football: The offensive and defensive stats are reflected based on the accumulated game data for each position.

If you continuously accumulate data for your position, you can see the reflected stats.

2. Futsal: Due to the nature of futsal, such as the size of the field and the nature of the positions which are not as strong as in soccer,

it is difficult to measure offensive and defensive stats, so the offensive and defensive stats for futsal are fixed at 40.