BEE is not a waterproof product.

If it is stored in a wet vest for a long time, it may cause a malfunction. 

So, always remove it from a wet vest after the game is over. 

If you're going to use it on rainy days or if you're a player with a lot of sweat, 

we recommend you use a SOCCERBEE waterproof pack.

Because BEE is based on satellite signal

this limits the use of BEE indoors where it is difficult to receive a good signal.

You can use it anywhere where it can receive GPS signals.

For an accurate data measurement,

we recommend using a dedicated vest with the correct orientation. 

Using the BEE in any other way may result in less accurate data.

Because BEE is a personalized device, we recommend that each player owns a BEE.

If you want different players to use the BEE, you'll need to register and unregister the device after each match. 

For example, if Player A registered a BEE to his account and used a BEE, 

after the data on the BEE is transferred to Player A's smartphone,

you'll need to unregister the BEE from Player A's account before other player use it.