A new way to

enjoy football.

There are already many people


My football data that

I manage like a game.

It provides an objective indicator of 

ability and over-roll by position.

SOCCERBEE sets your activity goal.

Amount of activity = Combination of stamina and creative play = It’s a basic principle of football.

The amount of activity shows how much you take the game seriously. 

Prove it to your teammates with SOCCERBEE.

Feel the joy of recording

with the SOCCERBEE app.

Register the picture to the analysis card,

You can see it at a glance like a social media feed.

SOCCERBEE provides you with motivation.

There is also a thrilling competition with players who played together in football and futsal.

Achieving your own goals,
Collect badges.

From personal record achievement to global events.

SOCCERBEE provides

you with a community.

Follow users you want to interact with and

start sending them a message.

To use SOCCERBEE's service,
A wearable GPS tracker BEE is required.